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Fat Mail Tv - Ads Tariff


Fast Mail Odia - Odia Website that publishes news in Odia language reaches wide range of online viewers around the world and the nation. You can promote and campaign for your brand and organization through our Web Portal Fast MailOdia.

Advertisement Tariff (Prices in Indian Currency)

Advertisement Tariff For Home Page ):--

Monthly           Half Yearly            Yearly

RS 45,000        Rs 1,80 ,000         Rs 3,00,000

Rs35,000         Rs 1,75,000         Rs 2,75,000

Rs30,000         RS 1,35,000         Rs 2,50,000

Rs20,000         Rs 1,00,000         Rs 1,80,000


Advertisement Tariff  (For Inner Pages):-

Monthly       Half Yearly             Yearly

Rs35,000       Rs1,80,000          Rs3,00,000

Rs30,000       Rs1,35,000          Rs2,50,000

Rs25,000       Rs 1,35,000          Rs 2,25,000

Rs 20,000      Rs 1,00,000         Rs1,80,000

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